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Victoria's Secret Logo

My family and I had to sit through a lot of advertisements from Victoria's Secret promoting sexualization as a way of improving their commercial activities and I did not like this at all because there were kids…

23 m
Ralphs Logo

A couple of weeks ago I had gone into Ralphs and asked about a particular dish, I just asked if it was ready and I was given such a rude reply from one of the employees who was working there at that time. I had…

53 m
Serta Logo

I am so annoyed at the quality of the products from Serta because the mattress that I had purchased from them started sagging in the middle after six months. I know that I have a ten-year warranty with them and…

3 h
Motel 6 Logo

I just want a full refund from Motel 6 after the horrific stay that I had experienced from their end. I do not know about anybody else, but I do not like staying in places with a bed bug infestation. they had o…

5 h
National Football League [NFL] Logo

I think that the bias in the National Football League [NFL] has gone too far because I have noticed the calls in the games lately seem to favor certain teams. I have been watching and playing football for a num…

5 h
Pottery Barn / Williams-Sonoma Logo

We had gotten ourselves a gift from my wife's baby shower and we have not been able to use it because it was missing a couple of parts. We called up the people from Pottery Barn where the gift was from, but the…

6 h
Wingstop Restaurants Logo

I had asked for my food to be cooked a certain way when I had gone to Wingstop Restaurants to get a bite to eat. However, when I had checked the food that I was served I had found it be different from what I ha…

7 h
Chili's Grill & Bar Logo

We have been going to Chili's Grill & Bar ever since I could remember. I was a child when I remember going into their establishment to enjoy the good food that they have. Now that I am older I think that the qu…

8 h
Office Depot Logo

I have a business, and as a business owner that aspires to be the best. He also makes sure that he only gets the best service available. This is not what I got at all from Office Depot. I found that they were n…

10 h
Kaspersky Logo

I have purchased the Kaspersky anti-virus software bundle on CD and for some reason, the activation code that I had was not working for the region that I am in. I feel like I have wasted so much time and money …

11 h


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