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Ashley Madison Logo

I am absolutely sick of the auto sends that Ashley Madison's robots send to you when nobody is attracted to your profile because I find it absolutely deceiving. I think that I have a pretty attractive profile, …

7 m
Asurion Logo

If I were you, I would not go with the people at Asurion at all because they seem to require so many things just to fix a smartphone's cracked screen. My smartphone's screen was smashed and I needed a replaceme…

1 h
Assurance Wireless Logo

I think that the quality of the Assurance Wireless cell phones that they are selling is really terrible indeed. I had issues with screen defects and even the phone freezing itself by its own accord. This does n…

1 h
Ancestry Logo

I am a little confused as to the services of Ancestry because I was told that my DNA was tested to be 80 percent from a country in Europe, but only eight percent from Europe. If I am doing basic math and geogra…

3 h
AutoZone Logo

I was once employed by AutoZone, but I then had to leave because the things that they wanted me to do really irritated me to no end. After some time, I was told that they needed some help so I was hired again t…

3 h
IObit Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with IObit when I had tried to get my driver booster activated. I had to have the representative from the company remotely access my computer and I was told that …

4 h
Avast Software Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with Avast Software's clean up program because I had to have one of their representatives remotely access my computer and tell me that the reason their cleanup pr…

7 h

I may have been recently pregnant but there is nothing wrong with my memory at all. I think I know when my sweet baby was born. Here's the problem, it seems as it Babies "R" Us does not know this at all, and I …

7 h
Bankers Life and Casualty Company Logo

I am so annoyed at Bankers Life and Casualty Company because of the way that they have been treating my mother. I felt as if she was being robbed of her money. They kept on claiming that she was in a six-bed fa…

8 h
Citibank Logo

I do not know how my credit card account from the people over at Citibank close all of a sudden when I have been late for payments. I did use it – although it was not every day that I took it out. They told me …

9 h


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