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Lazydays Rv Center Logo

I cannot believe that it takes such great efforts just to get in touch with someone from the Lazydays Rv Center. I wanted to get in touch with one of the representatives of the company, but I found this to be s…

2 m
Us Auto Sales Logo

The spread of technology has been rampant over the years and it seems as if paying your bills online is slowly becoming the new norm for a lot of people. However, the people over at Us Auto Sales do not still s…

1 h
Saxton 4x4 Logo

When I was purchasing my vehicle form Saxton 4x4 I had such a wonderful time with the salesman that was assigned to me, I found him to be considerate and easy to talk to. However, a few months in ownership I ha…

2 h
Enterprise Car Sales Logo

I am a little more than annoyed at Enterprise Car Sales because they have sold us a vehicle that was falling apart and we did not like this one bit. I am so annoyed at them because I thought that I would be abl…

2 h
Highster Mobile Logo

I cannot believe the service that I have been receiving from Highster Mobile because it seems to me as if they do not even care about the customers that they are serving at all. It pains me to think that I have…

3 h
The Neat Company Logo

I do not understand why the folks over at The Neat Company would not be able to provide updates to all the types of hardware that are running their services. This does not make any sense to me and I feel like t…

3 h
Omaha Steaks Logo

I was able to send a family member of mine a package of steaks from the people over at Omaha Steaks by just simply entering her address. Great right? However, the problem is when I tried to send her another bat…

4 h
Save-A-Lot Logo

My dear husband and I were so annoyed when the cashier that was handling our groceries over at Save-A-Lot was continuously scratching her head in front of us. We knew that she was under a lot of stress and it m…

5 h
Find A Grave Logo

In my moment of grief over the loss of a loved one, I saw that a user on Find A Grave stole my memorial and the obituary and photograph that I took. I do not think that this should be the case at all for anyone…

6 h
Brave New Look Logo

I do not like the item quality that Brave New Look has with the products that they let others purchase on their platform because it seems to me that they have products that are of the worst quality. Everything …

7 h


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