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I have been having problems with the Netspend at 7-Eleven because of the features of my card. It has been annoying me that I have a couple of problems with the online direct deposit of my card and I have not been receiving any empathy from their end whatsoever. I do not…

10 May

I cannot believe the staff of the newly opened 7-Eleven in our location to talk about personal matters such as pay within earshot of the customers that are there. It annoys me to think that they would do this. …

02 May

My significant other and I had gone into a 7-Eleven with just change and a kind cashier wanted to help us out. We were very thankful for his kindness, but then when we had asked him how we could pay him back, h…

25 April

I was absolutely offended when a cashier at 7-Eleven made an off-hand sexual remark towards me whilst my fiance was present in the establishment. I did not like this at all and I do not like the disrespect that this brings on other women and their partners as well. this…

12 April

We had passed by a local 7-Eleven that was in our area in order to pick up a couple of beverages very early in the morning. We had noticed that it seemed to have been cleaning time for the employee there as he …

22 March

I cannot believe how embarrassed I was when the employee who worked at 7-Eleven refused service to me because I gave them a coupon. They told me the coupon would not work on their end and I do not know why this would be the case as I was under the impression that this c…

09 March

My husband and I work very late and we had tried to visit a local 7-Eleven convenience store to pick up a couple of items before we travelled back home. When my husband got to the store he was not allowed in because the employee was mopping the floor at 4 am. He then pr…

23 February

I was so annoyed at how I was treated at 7-Eleven when I tried to use a coupon that they refused to honor. The coupon was from a Newport employee and I was wondering why they did not honor it. To make matters worse, the 7-Eleven gas station made it look like I could not…

12 February

The cashier at a 7-Eleven refused to accept my money because it seemed like he did not have change. While I do agree that the hot dog was only a tenth of the value of the money that I brought with me, I do not think it is my problem if 7-Eleven does not have change. He …

30 January

I went into this convenience store since I wanted to purchase a sandwich and a bottle of water but then the guy at the checkout counter informs me he cannot give change to my bill. The thing is, I only had one paper bill that was a rather large amount and one of lesser …

11 January


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