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I was planning to write a politician that represents my district a letter about how I felt his constituents were feeling. However, the email that I was composing on Yahoo! mail was suddenly deleted out of nowhe…

5 m
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There are a couple of medicines that I have had for a number of years, but for some reason, it seems as if Cigna does not want to cover these medications that I have. I find this a little uncalled for because w…

31 m
First Data Logo

I think that you should just avoid the people over at First Data altogether because they are a company that I assure you, you do not want to deal with at all. They seem to be a little bit borderline inconsidera…

1 h
Pulte Homes Logo

I do not know if I am the only person who thinks that the customer service in Pulte Homes is an absolute disaster no matter how much you look at it. I think that they should really do something about the way th…

2 h
Coach Logo

I do not know what has happened to the quality of the handbags being made at Coach lately because I have been a patron of the company for such a long time and it pains me that they would be acting this way for …

2 h
Bluegreen Resorts Logo

I have been having a concern with the booking system over at Bluegreen Resorts because all the rooms I am trying to book seem to be unavailable for some reason or another. It really irks me out because I feel a…

3 h
GE Money Bank Logo

Someone from GE Money Bank called us saying that we have a problem with our account, but little did we know was that this person was just trying to use us to get something out of. We were told that we had to pa…

3 h
Freedom Mortgage Logo

We were being told that we have to pay the people over at Freedom Mortgage late fees even though we had already posted a payment to them ages ago. For some reason, they still have not seemed to have gotten the …

4 h
Quicken Loans Logo

I do not know what to make of the person who said that our loan was already pre-approved by the people over at Quicken Loans, because it seems to me that they did not do a good job at it. My dreams were indubit…

5 h

I do not think that the people over at the CLV GROUP have any notion of customer care whatsoever and I find that they do not want to help us at all with anything that we are going through. I need for something …

5 h


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