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Beauty Impressions Logo

I am so annoyed at the Beauty Impressions business because they started charging me for everything that I did not even ask for them to do. I had ordered a sample but it seemed to have been used to misuse my cre…

5 h
Rama Deals Logo

I was completely and utterly frustrated with Rama Deals because they did not allow me to cancel the purchase order that I had made just half an hour ago. I mean how could you not let me cancel something even if…

5 h
Coinbase Logo

Coinbase really surprised me because my account has been disabled and the reason behind this was fraud. However, I did not do anything to do this and I am now missing all my coins. They seemed to have been tran…

5 h
Children's Place Logo

I have been shopping at Children's Place for the clothes of my kids for as long as I have had kids and lately I do no think that I will make a purchase from them again. I have noticed that the quality on Childr…

5 h
Woodforest National Bank Logo

I have been so frustrated with Woodforest National Bank because my disability check never gets deposited during the time that it is disbursed. I have lost so much because of this and it has caused me so much tr…

5 h Logo

I do not get the systems in place over at because according to them they had already processed and shipped out my order. However, I still have not received anything at all from them. This is annoying…

5 h
Bank Mobile Vibe Logo

I have been having so many problems with Bank Mobile Vibe because of a name change issue that they still have not been able to resolve for me. I am annoyed because they do not seem to care abut their clients re…

5 h
Trivago Logo

I have just made a reservation on the Trivago website for hotel accommodation but unfortunately I will have to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances. I hope that they have a number that I can call because I…

5 h
Stein Mart Logo

I was so annoyed at Stein Mart's manager because she did not seem to even care about us or give us any consideration. It was so annoying to deal with her because she told us the free item was attached to our ba…

5 h
Journeys Logo

I ordered a great pair of shoes from Journeys and it has really surprised me that come two months later and I still have not received anything from them at all. When I tried to ring them up they told me that th…

5 h


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