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Citi Trends Logo

We just wanted to buy a couple of items in the Citi Trends establishment and my son and I were excited to a do a spot of shopping here. However, we felt like the employees who were supposed to be attending to u…

5 h
Cracker Barrel Logo

I do not how rude people get hired on front end positions especially at busy times in the holidays. In my experience, the server that was supposed to serve us at Cracker Barrel was so inconsiderate that we were…

5 h
SkinTek Logo

Companies that charge you for no reason have always annoyed me and SkinTek is one of these companies that do that. I opted for an upgrade and it cost me a lot of money. After that they started taking money out …

5 h
Gander Mountain Logo

When I had purchased one of those cards that came with the use of the gun range they told me that it would be valid. However, now that the place has closed down I won't be able to use this card any longer. How …

5 h
Roblox Logo

I think that not all video games should be banned or be given restrictive access but there are some parts of Roblox that I do not want my kids to play. I feel like it's too violent for their age and the access …

7 h
Forest River Logo

We had bought something from Forest River and we thought it would be a good transaction. As a matter of fact, the salesman was very pleasant in how he dealt with us through all of this. However, when we need af…

9 h
Shop & Ship Logo

I am annoyed because my son had to suffer because of the time slots that the Shop & Ship company told us about. I wanted to get him an expensive calculator for his exams and so I ordered one to be shipped to my…

9 h
Sheetz Logo

I am annoyed at the food service at Sheetz because I had ordered onion rings and I was perplexed at the fact that they did not even seem to want to fill the bucket at all. I work hard for my money and I absolut…

9 h
Maxis Communications Logo

I have been with Maxis Communications for quite sometime now and I have found them to be a little annoying with the way that they conduct business. What they are doing is just not right and they try their best …

9 h
Hostess Brands Logo

I cannot understand how Hostess Brands could let things from their factory line reach their end customers without a proper check in the first place. It has been so annoying because of the way that they are acti…

9 h


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