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Wells Fargo Logo

I had written someone who had done some service to my vehicle a check from my Wells Fargo bank account and I have found for it to be so hard to have this person cash at the branch. The manager spoke with me and…

17 h
AuthorHouse Logo

Sometimes I feel like a broken record with the folks over at the AuthorHouse publishing company because it seems to me that they do not even try to listen to what I have to say. I have told their representative…

18 h
Aqua America Logo

I have made a mistake with my billing two months prior to this month. However, this month I made sure that the people over at Aqua America were getting paid adequately and there was no reason for them to shut o…

20 h
Ariens Logo

I do not have a degree in engineering, but I can tell you that there is something seriously wrong with the belt of my Ariens snowblower because for some reason it has been extremely problematic for me lately an…

20 h
Balsam Hill Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with the electronics of the remote of my Balsam Hill Christmas tree. I had to have a second remote sent to me because the first one was not working. It was alread…

21 h
Equity Residential Logo

I think that Equity Residential should not be in the business with the false information that they tell their prospective tenants. I was on the hunt for a great place to stay near my sphere of influence, and I …

21 h
Arvest Bank Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with the way Arvest Bank is being run because it seems as if only some of the people who work with them are alright in my book. I found that the president was rea…

22 h
Pepsi Logo

Dear sir, ı got a message in my mobile that was about Pepsi cola award 2018.they said that I have won $9,80,000 usd. They gave an email to claim this & I have claimed that emai. They responsed & broadly replied…

22 h
Ashley Madison Logo

I am absolutely sick of the auto sends that Ashley Madison's robots send to you when nobody is attracted to your profile because I find it absolutely deceiving. I think that I have a pretty attractive profile, …

22 h
Asurion Logo

If I were you, I would not go with the people at Asurion at all because they seem to require so many things just to fix a smartphone's cracked screen. My smartphone's screen was smashed and I needed a replaceme…

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