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Ancestry Logo

I am a little confused as to the services of Ancestry because I was told that my DNA was tested to be 80 percent from a country in Europe, but only eight percent from Europe. If I am doing basic math and geogra…

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AutoZone Logo

I was once employed by AutoZone, but I then had to leave because the things that they wanted me to do really irritated me to no end. After some time, I was told that they needed some help so I was hired again t…

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IObit Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with IObit when I had tried to get my driver booster activated. I had to have the representative from the company remotely access my computer and I was told that …

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Avast Software Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with Avast Software's clean up program because I had to have one of their representatives remotely access my computer and tell me that the reason their cleanup pr…

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I may have been recently pregnant but there is nothing wrong with my memory at all. I think I know when my sweet baby was born. Here's the problem, it seems as it Babies "R" Us does not know this at all, and I …

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Bankers Life and Casualty Company Logo

I am so annoyed at Bankers Life and Casualty Company because of the way that they have been treating my mother. I felt as if she was being robbed of her money. They kept on claiming that she was in a six-bed fa…

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Citibank Logo

I do not know how my credit card account from the people over at Citibank close all of a sudden when I have been late for payments. I did use it – although it was not every day that I took it out. They told me …

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PetSmart Logo

I do not understand why there could be worms in a can of dog food from the people over at PetSmart because it seems to me that they have messed up at some point. This really annoyed me because it did not seem a…

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Church's Chicken Logo

I am so annoyed at the food that I have gotten from a particular location of a Church's Chicken franchise that was near my place of residence. This was because of the state of my order. I found it to have been …

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Bark Busters Logo

I do not approve of the Bark Busters training program for my wonderful puppies because instead of coming over to train them, they decide that they would just give me instructions over the phone. It seems as if …

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