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Supercuts Logo

I was pleased with the service that I had received from Supercuts. It was a pretty great service, I don't know what other people would think about this place. However, my concern is that my earring is now missi…

9 h
Metem International Logo

I have already purchased something from Metem International but right now I really feel like I do not need the product any longer. Since the item was not delivered to me I am asking if I can get a refund from y…

9 h
WinCo Foods Logo

As I was checking out at WinCo Foods I found that the cashier who was manning the station was a little under trained in the use of debit cards. I was surprised, but I tried to be patient and had a manager calle…

9 h
UnderArmour Logo

I had ordered and paid for two items from UnderArmour on two different transactions and I had them returned at the same time on a singular transaction. However, one of the transactions for me to be able to obta…

9 h
CupShe Logo

I had ordered a few items from CupShe and I have been annoyed because only one third of the items came through. When I decided that it was time for me to try and obtain a refund from CupShe they gave me such a …

9 h
Cnidaplay Logo

I am a person who has to work really hard to get a meagre salary. I work hard and get paid and make sure that the things that I buy are worth it. However, companies like Cnidaplay exist to just take money out o…

9 h
Thorntons Logo

This cashier was causing so much drama that I did not know what to do anymore. My children were promised donuts that they were going to throw away anyway and she did not let us get them. I do not know why she w…

9 h
New York Sports Club [NYSC] Logo

I was so livid with the people over at New York Sports Club [NYSC] because of the way that they treated my cancellations. I am mad because they did not even stop to think about how this will affect me. They hav…

9 h Logo

I had recently purchased a tablet computer from and I was really surprised that they sent me something that looked like it was throughly beaten up from the onset. I hated the way they treated me …

9 h
Ipsy Logo

I had entered my address on Ipsy but the autocorrect gave me a hard time and I ended up entering an address that was wrong. When I finally got it right, I was happy because of all of this. However, come the sup…

9 h


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