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Bark Busters Logo

I do not approve of the Bark Busters training program for my wonderful puppies because instead of coming over to train them, they decide that they would just give me instructions over the phone. It seems as if …

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Bass Pro Shops Logo

I have purchased so much stuff from the people over at Bass Pro Shops and I think that their online service is terrible. This is what happened, I put in three orders for some fishing equipment on their website,…

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Ross Dress for Less Logo

I do not appreciate the return service that I had at Ross Dress for Less and due to them, I spent hard-earned money on nothing. They did not have proper wrapping supplies to take care of my needs and I had to s…

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Quest Diagnostics Logo

I am so annoyed at the people over at Quest Diagnostics because they still have not gotten me the test results that I need for me to obtain very important medication that I need for my good health. They have to…

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Books A Million Logo

All I wanted to do was get a quick present for my family members from Books A Million, and I was running out of time to do so. When I got to the cashier, despite being pressed for time, this employee insisted o…

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Breyers Logo

I am so horribly disappointed n the quality of Breyers these days because it seems as if it has definitely gone down the drain. I have been out of the country for so long and I have been craving for Breyers ice…

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Bright House Networks Logo

I do not know since when it has become an industry standard for companies to start charging you when one of their representatives actually picks up the phone when you call them and render customer service. That…

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BroadSpire Logo

Look, I really need my money with this claim that I am trying to get from the people over at BroadSpire and it seems to me that they have been trying to do everything to give me the complete runaround on everyt…

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Buffalo Wild Wings Logo

At the beginning of this whole ordeal that I was having with a particular server over at a Buffalo Wild Wings, I had initially thought that the employee that was rendering us service was just having a bad day o…

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Golden Corral Logo

I cannot believe that we pay Golden Corral so much money to have their food when they do not even seem to care about the presentation and the quality of the food that they are servicing to the customers who pay…

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