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I want to apologize for not being able to process this request sooner. I request your indulgence since I am a senior citizen and I have been weak as of late. I have ordered and purchased an item from DailySale.…

9 h
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My business partners and I have availed of the services of VistaPrint and we thought that we had already paid them enough. I was surprised to find out that this was not the case at all as they retained my detai…

9 h
Tarte Logo

I had availed of a particular sale from Tarte and purchased some products for myself. However, these products were missing a couple of things. I immediately contacted their email for customer service and they t…

9 h
WigSis Logo

I have ordered and already paid for a wig/hair piece from WigSis and to this date, I still have not received a delivery from them. This has been so annoying and I have been so furious about this. It has really …

10 h
BioLife Plasma Services Logo

I was incredibly furious with the people over at BioLife Plasma Services because they seemed to have messed up my plasma donation so much that it has caused my arm so much distress. I am a student athlete and I…

10 h
Food City Logo

I am a little bit concerned about the health standards over at Food City because they seem to be selling for that has already gone bad. I was surprised to find out that when I got home it really seemed that the…

10 h
Garcia Infiniti Logo

I find that the people over at Garcia Infiniti seem to act a little shady with the way that they negotiate with the people that want to purchase vehicles from them. I had called them up with an offer for a car …

10 h
Morgan Properties Logo

A maintenance worked had crashed in my vehicle last time and I have been given the run around when I have tried to call and ask for a claim. It seems that no one has what I am looking for from Morgan Properties…

10 h
ShoeDazzle Logo

I am annoyed at companies like ShoeDazzle who will take advantage of the trust that you have placed in them and just take your credit card details and do what not with them. I hate this practice. I had bought s…

10 h
Liv Luv Shop Logo

Liv Luv Shop has not fulfilled the order that I have gotten from them and had already paid for the last time. I was expecting them to deliver my items in complete condition, but sadly I only got one of them. I …

10 h


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