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Ty Ty Nursery Logo

I think that Ty Ty Nursery just completely wasted our money with only two of the eight grape vines being ordered from their service still being usable for bearing grapes. I am absolutely livid with the services…

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Samsung Electronics Logo

I think that there is something seriously wrong with the phone battery of Samsung Electronics and I find it absolutely awful that they would want me to drive for three hours or give up my phone for a few in ord…

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Cox Communications Logo

I am absolutely annoyed at the way that Cox Communications has been handling my customer service issues with them. I feel as if they do not know what they are doing and they do not know how to give customers pr…

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Cadillac Logo

Imagine not being able to have a vehicle for more than two months because the supposed quality that it has, has definitely gone down the drain. This is my problem with the Cadillac that I owned because it was i…

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Cal-Am Properties Logo

I want to let everyone know that the people over at Cal-Am Properties just want to take your money from you and give you an adequate service. You have to pay for your own internet despite what they say. You wil…

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Camping World Logo

I am so annoyed at the brand new recreational vehicle that I had gotten myself over at Camping World because it did not seem to work under the premises that I thought it was going to work and it was a complete …

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Denmat Logo

I had another Lumineer chip! This is My 4th cracked/chipped Lumineer since I paid $4800.00 for them. It is My front upper and is severely irritating My gums and cheek tissue and looks awful as well. ı am highly…

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CarMax Logo

If I were you I would not be purchasing any of the used vehicles from CarMax without someone who really knows about cars to check it out. I was sold a terrible used vehicle by one of the representatives over at…

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Carbonite Logo

I do not understand why a company like Carbonite would not support SD cards when they widely available and usable for anything and everything in this day and age. I am a business user with a lot of needs and wh…

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I own a luxury vehicle from a European manufacturer and I can say that I really take care of the cars that I own and that is why I got it a policy from CARCHEX to help me cover any unnecessary expenses that may…

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