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Agora Financial Logo

The tips that I have gotten from Agora Financial have given me so many losses and it made me think about canceling my account because I also have not been getting the weekly tips that I thought I was going to g…

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Albany RV Logo

I will not be recommending getting a used recreational vehicle from the people over at Albany RV because all their sales people care about is pushing for fast sales. After trying to check out the vehicle I just…

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Albertsons Logo

If you are dealing with customers the whole day, I think that it is only advisable that you do not go to work when you are sick. Yes, I do understand that you will be losing money on a shift, but at the end of …

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AliExpress Logo

I had ordered specialized plants from AliExpress that I really need to come in unscathed, but when they arrived at my residence they did not survive the long journey. One of them was even inaccurately labeled a…

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All County Property Management Logo

If I were you, I would stay clear of the people over at All County Property Management because they just want your money and you will not really be in the running to get a property that you have set your eyes o…

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Allstate Logo

If you are in the market looking for a good insurance company then I would not recommend the people over at Allstate because they are incredibly hard to deal with. I was given the runaround and I have received …

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AOL Logo

I would stay away from AOL gold because it seems to be a complete waste of money based on our experience with it. There are so many glitched an there are problems with the program in itself. We have been paying…

2 d
Jack In The Box Logo

I do not know if anyone will believe this but I think I must have had the worst experience ever at a Jack In The Box location. I was at the drive-through when the woman who was manning the booth threw my change…

2 d
Long John Silver's Logo

I am absolutely annoyed at the service at Long John Silver's because they are just taking way too long in getting their act together. It annoys me that nobody seems to be doing anything to try and speed up the …

2 d
FedEx Corporate Services Logo

this company delivered to the wrong address, each employee says something different. One said it was sent back, another said the wrong driver got it and lost it, another says its still at the wrong place. FedEx…

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