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2 products I bought from AliExpress from 2 different vendors came differently and the debate was accepted although the refund was not completed.

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The HoverBoardCloseouts items that we ordered were not the best quality ever. We were so annoyed because we were going to use these hover boards as presents these holidays. We asked the guys over at HoverBoardC…

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MTA Logo

I was very annoyed at how an MTA employee treated me when I thought I had lost my ticket. He had taken my ID and given me such a hard time and said that it would be his final decision if he could let me in. For…

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Nuvajen Gold Logo

I had availed of this special offer from Nuvajen Gold and I was surprised to find that they were charging me for things that I did not sign up for. I was so annoyed because I had only agreed to pay for some sor…

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GoPro Logo

I am a little annoyed at my order of a GoPro Hero 5 because it till has not arrived. I ordered it from a third party website and I was hoping that the guys over at GoPro could help me out with this. I do not kn…

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ColourPop Logo

I am a collector and I expect things to be a certain way when I order them. However, when the items that I purchased from ColourPop arrived I was so annoyed that they did not see the collectibles as I wanted th…

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Outdoors Online Logo

I had ordered an assortment of items from Outdoors Online and I did not receive all of them. There were so many items missing and this in turn has caused me so much trouble because I needed those items soon. If…

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RaceTrac Logo

I was not allowed to be bring my service canine into a RaceTrac because of an employee. This particular RaceTrac employee told me that they had a health code violation so in turn they needed to be stricter. How…

3 h
Dave & Buster's Logo

We were a group of four people and we had purchased some tokens from Dave & Buster's. However, all these tokens were in just one card and we needed at least two cards to actually use them properly. We had to go…

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Energywise LED Solutions Logo

We had bought such a large order from Energywise LED Solutions and we did not get what we paid for at all. It has caused our company so much distress and we demand to see something done about this. We thought t…

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