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I feel as if one of the heads of AARP Services engages in human trafficking because I have reason to believe so. The propaganda that keeps being spewed by her office is suggestive that she engages in the sexual…

3 d

I am an elderly woman who has been surprised that the cost of her insurance has gone up as she has aged when no one told her that this would happen at all. I am appealing to   AARP Services to help me out with this issue because I have no one else to turn to at all. I f…

06 April

I had recently purchased an android phone from AARP Services and I thought it would be a great investment since I am a senior citizen and it would be great to have something to play with. I was shopping around …

16 March

I am a fully disabled veteran that is thoroughly annoyed with the thirty percent increase that AARP Services is demanding from its customers. I do not know why they would do this and not give any consideration …

05 March

I was so excited to sign up for the services of AARP Services because of al the benefits and help it could give me. I was also told that I would be receiving a complimentary duffel bag with my sign up and regis…

19 February

I want to just tell you about the worse dental procedure that I had and I wonder if there is something that AARP Services can do about this. I was not sedated in a great way so I felt the pain of having all my teeth extracted and this really messed everything up for me.…

06 February

Is there any way for us to get a refund from our former home insurer, AARP Services? We have flood insurance that we have paid so much for and we have recently found a new provider and they are more affordable and better for our budget given our predicament. It's a pret…

24 January


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