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Kansas City
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I am very annoyed with what happened to my Academy Bank account because for some reason I have been over drafted for such a large amount. You see I am a very meticulous person when it comes to my finances, I ha…

30 March

I was told by a representative of Academy Bank that once I opened the new account that would solve a prior problem that I was having it would automatically make things easier for me and my husband. I was wrong.…

14 March

I am really frightened and angry that Academy Bank does not seem to have a hotline that you can call on the weekends or in case of emergencies to report bank fraud. My account information was stolen from me and…

28 February

The problem with some people nowadays is that they do want to take responsibility for their mistakes. I am so annoyed at Academy Bank because they hd accidentally put someone else's money into my account and wh…

15 February

My Academy Bank, bank account was frozen because they told me that my account received a fraudulent deposit. now I am stuck without access to a bank account and this really annoys me on so many levels because I can't believe that this could happen to me at all. I have n…

01 February

I got a check in the mail for a really weird assignment where I had to go around buying money grams and sending to another person. When the money was deposited into my account I soon used it to pay for my bills and help out the other people in my family. The funny thing…

19 January


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