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16th Floor, 205 W 39th St.
New York
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I am so annoyed at Adore Me because it has taken them way too long to deliver the purchases that I have made with them. They claim that it might take a month but I have already been waiting for twice the amount…

30 March

I know that I would only have to wait for about five days for the delivery of my purchases from Adore Me and this was refute by one of their managers saying that I was not reading the fine print that came with …

14 March

I want to advise everybody to be very careful with Adore Me because I feel as if it has major security flaws. Recently, someone has hacked into my account to order items on my behalf costing me hundreds of dollars in damages. This was not a good thing to happen to anyon…

28 February

I am perplexed because I purchased some intimate wear from Adore Me and the items have still not been delivered to me. The website said that they had really fast delivery but this does not seem to be the case w…

15 February

I thought that my purchases from Adore Me  were going to come in without a hitch but I ended up with a problem when they came in on the same day. One of the packages that I received from Adore Me was completely wrong and they mixed everything up. I tried returning the t…

01 February

I do not know what happened to all the items that I have ordered from Adore Me for my special someone. We have been waiting for so long and I wish someone would give us an update at the soonest because this really is not funny anymore. Is there anyone that I could conta…

19 January


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