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Name: Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
Store Support Center 5008 Airport Road
United States - 24012

I throw a lot of business along Advance Auto Parts alley as I order a hundred of bottles of cleaner wax from them annually. However, I do have one complaint with them. They do not seem to know how to pack their…

29 March

I am a little annoyed that the starter that I was sold by Advance Auto Parts was very defective. I mean my vehicle did start, I'll give them that, but it started without anyone starting the vehicle at all. This…

14 March

I am annoyed at one of the employees that Advance Auto Parts had and it was so annoying to try and deal with them because of all of this. It pains that I needed some things from Advance Auto Parts and all I got…

28 February

There is this annoying policy at Advance Auto Parts that really annoys me because it seems as if you cannot return anything to them if it is electrical. What got me angry was that I had purchased the part of Ad…

15 February

The cashier that I encountered at Advance Auto Parts was really inconsiderate to customers and unethical in the way he handled his job. I do not get why he is like this. He was on the phone for what seemed to be a full five minutes before he even took notice of my items…

01 February

Advance Auto Parts has harassed me and made me feel like a criminal. I recently told my wife to pick up a specific electrical product for my car, but then they sold her something that was worth three times the price and something that I did not have use for. I know my w…

19 January


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