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United States - 77032

There have been complaints about airlines not being able to treat their passengers well and one of these airlines is Aeromexico. We do not understand why it would take more than ten hours to get us seated on a …

30 March

I had purchased a ticket for Aeromexico and I later found out that I would be unable to use it. I am annoyed because of this so I immediately called them up and asked for a refund to be made. they had told me that the refund would be issued and I was approved. I have be…

14 March

I find that Aeromexico is very negligent with the way that they handle information dissemination with their passengers and I am so annoyed that my darling wife almost lost her chance to get into the plane. They should prioritize getting their customers in first and this…

28 February

Imagine what you would feel if you got an email from Aeromexico telling you about a promotion that was worth a lot to you and by the time that you tried to make it work it was not working. This is false adverti…

15 February

I booked a flight for my daughter's surgery and I have received nothing but hassle from Aeromexico. This flight was paid for with my American Express credit card and right I know I do not know if the flight has been cleared. I tried contacting customer service but I do …

01 February

We specifically asked for AM flights from Aeromexico and unfortunately when we checked our tickets they were PM flights. This is really annoying because now that we want our Aeromexico flights changed they need us to pay specific fee. We don't want to pay this fee, we a…

19 January


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