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I do not know how many times I have to tell the people over at Affordable Dentures that I do not seem to like the new dentures that they have fitted me with. No matter how much I protest it never seems as if th…

16 May

I cannot believe that I paid Affordable Dentures such a large premium for the best dentures that they have but they were only able to provide me with substandard ones. I do not know if they know that I am on di…

29 March

I am very annoyed that I had spent more than a thousand dollars with Affordable Dentures but they did not seem to have helped me one bit in getting my permanents. They gave me my temporaries which just broke an…

14 March

I am a little surprised that Affordable Dentures seems to install dentures on their patients that are made from really bad quality. When my dentures broke I went back to them to have them fixed and I had to pay…

28 February

Having dental work done costs a lot of money regardless of wherever in the world you are and that is why I find my dentures to be an investment. I went to a Affordable Dentures to get them done but after some t…

15 February

My elderly mother was once almost killed and horribly harassed by someone from Affordable Dentures. It was such a horrifying experience from her as the man told her that he wishes that she would bleed to death.…

01 February

Affordable Dentures suddenly closed down for som reason after they took my money. The dentist just up and left without any warning and explanation for his absence. I tried calling and someone new picked up, their office completely disappeared, but was replaced with anot…

19 January


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