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I am so annoyed because my husband underwent a major operation a few months ago and I have tried my best to prepare every record that I have. However, they seem to keep denying me the claim that my husband is due. This has been going on for too long and I firmly believe…

2 d

I have been a little annoyed at Aflac because it seems as if my claims have been disappearing out of the blue. I have been with them for more than two decades and they have denied some of my claims. Recently, I filed two claims with them and I waited for a response from…

07 April

I am so annoyed at Aflac because when I was formerly employed by another employer, I was under Aflac, but now since I have left that old job I am not supposed to be still paying for anything from them. I do not…

16 March

Just to be perfectly crystal clear, I pay all my premiums and due with Aflac on time and I still do not know why I have to talk to so many people from their company and explain my situation again and again. I j…

06 March

Aflac makes it so difficult for their clients to claim any of their claims because of all the hoops that you have to jump through to make it happen. In my case, I did everything they had instructed me to do and…

20 February

Aflac really needs to spend time in training their reps into responding to questions about modifying polices. The last answer that I got was so vague that I had to call another representative in order to get the real deal. By the time I got around to doing that my time …

07 February

I had filed a claim with Aflac Inc. and I have enclosed all the relevant proof of my eligibility for the claim, but they still denied the claim. They keep asking me for proof of the claim but I had already give…

25 January


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