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On Sept.  flight from Beirut, Lebanon to Bordeaux, France with a stopover at the Charles de Gaulle airport. Upon reaching our final destination, we had to wait 5 hours for our luggage to appear. Apparently, they had arrived with the flight following ours, so you can see…

09 January

On 21st of July, I requested a cancellation of the ticket that I received incorrectly from Air France on same day and the cancellation request was accepted according to the rules. They said that it may takes 21 days to get money but I could not get yet. When I call cust…

22 August 2017

On 14.08.2017, Air France did not accept me to flight (Istanbul - Morocco / AF1891) without any reason. It was connecting flight via Paris. …

15 August 2017

We traveled with Air France 20 days ago and they've lost our baby stroller. We sent them complaint e-mail and they haven't returned yet. I complain about them. They aggrieved us and my baby. I can't go outside because we have no baby stroller! This is a big irresponsibi…

17 May 2017

We had 3 tickets for France, but our doctor didn't give permission to us to fly because of my wife's pregnancy. I wanted to change my tickets' date but, they asked 70€ penalty for each ticket. They didn't support customers and didn't care customer satisfaction. We could…

04 May 2017

We had connecting flight to Mexico City - Paris - Istanbul on April 09, 2017. Th…

15 April 2017

Some shopping is made from Air France, which are worth 2505,63TL and 40,05TL, on March 31, 2017 at 12:18 pm - 12.20 pm without my knowledge and confirmation. The problem is, these transactions are made without …

04 April 2017

I came to Istanbul from Santo Domingo with Air France on June 3, 2016. However, my luggage was broken although I gave it without damage. I told the situation to Havas but they told that they couldn't do anything about my luggage. I gave it without damage and I received …

17 March 2017

I bought a ticket from Air France and they sent me an e-mail about payment. However, I saw that on my credit card statements that they overdrew. My payment was 2,930, but they withdrew 3,020. Air France answered me on their twitter account and told that the reason was e…

09 March 2017

I bought ticket from Air France, but they overdrew. I called the call center, but no one speaks Turkish. I told my problem but they told me to send e-mail, but they have no e-mail address on their web site. I sent e-mail but no one has returned.

30 December 2016


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