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I cannot believe the hassle that Alabama Power has put me through due to all their bureaucracy and delays in rectifying something that has been bothering me for two decades. There is this particular electricity…

30 March

I do not know why Alabama Power charged me a hundred bucks when I did not consume any form of electricity in the house. I had told them to keep the power running in my house for one week because I was trying to close a sale but for some reason they still charged me a hu…

14 March

I am a little annoyed at the mess that Alabama Power caused with their tree trimming operations and how hassled my family was because of all of this. It’s annoying because no one could pass properly because of all the foliage that was blocking the way. I am willing to l…

28 February

I know that Alabama Power should leave my area of residence in a better condition than when they started. They had to replace this pole that was hit during a vehicular accident with a drunk driver but unfortunately these guys from Alabama Power did not even seem to clea…

15 February

I was suddenly told by Alabama Power one day that they would be disconnecting my electricity because of unpaid bills. I was really surprised and I immediately got on my phone to call them up with regard to this…

01 February

Alabama Power has really poor customer service procedures. I wanted a small extension on my due date because I needed two days in order for me to pay what I owed. I am a paying customer but the reps over at Alabama Power insisted otherwise and made jump through hoops to…

19 January


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