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Name: ALDI, Inc.
1200 N Kirk Rd.
United States - 60510

I would really appreciate it if ALDI Stores gave me a complete reimbursement of the costs that I accrued while purchasing rolls of icing from them. This icing was not working out for me at all because it seemed to have come from a bad batch and I could not knead it into…

04 May

Sometimes your kids can be a little playful and sometimes they can get a little hyper, but by no means should someone either than their parents or guardians snap at them. I had an employee from ALDI Stores snap…

27 April

I am so annoyed at the survey that I had filled out at ALDI Stores because it seems to me that they did not care about the customer at all. After filling out the survey a manager soon calls me up and tells me t…

16 April

I am so annoyed at the way ALDI Stores has been branding themselves as a place that takes care of their customers and does their best to keep their prices affordable. I can count more than one instance where th…

01 April

My family and I have been consuming this particular brand and type of water for many years and we never had a problem. The last time we bought a large amount of these bottles of water we noticed that there was …

14 March

I think that the staff of ALDI Stores needs to be properly trained and have some sort of experience before they can serve other people. It is annoying that you have to deal with cashiers that seem to have just …

28 February

I had recently purchased Sea Queen Fish Fillets from ALDI Stores and I was not satisfied with the taste and quality at all because they were really, really bad. It was alright, but the taste was not satisfying at all. I do not know why ALDI Stores would sell things like…

15 February

I know that ALDI Stores has really affordable prices and as such they really try to make the experience as easy as possible. However this does not excuse the fact that an employee of ALDI Stores was very rude towards me. i did not like the remarks that he made towards m…

01 February

ALDI stores has a lot of special offers that I would love to avail of since I have been a customer of theirs for quite some time now. However, usually I miss out on these ALDI stores Red Hot Special offers because they do not even ship it to some of their stores. I trie…

19 January


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