I bought a bag from They did not send the product despite my payment. Then somehow the whole company had disappeared, though they did not send the money back. Ali express did not take any responsibility for this situation. İe what the product came from. …

22 May

I got a bag from aliexpress. The bag came in the wrong color. I wanted the black bag but came me blue bag they did not help me. The bag is 20 dolars which means its not cheap. Listen, I'm not picking money on the streets so either give my money back or just do what you …

15 April

2 products I bought from AliExpress from 2 different vendors came differently and the debate was accepted although the refund was not completed.

22 February

Thief Aliexpress and Forger Acesee Official Store Located in Aliexpress I showed My security camera photos at the Acesee Official Store - Etration Yi Mantia He. This nvr device was recommended to me. After I bo…

18 January

Aliexpress continues to fraud. The buyers are getting their reward coins from their hands. It fakes with counterfeit and high priced products. They also distribute them as gifts only to their relatives.

18 January

Ali ry520500675-- I bought from following product 65 days came. 02.11.2017 if the seller were canceled by the information, we promise future products such as empty words they're distracting me…

26 December 2017

I ordered from AliExpress but the order still did not appear on site, but my money was charged to my credit card. The order is not in the 'canceled orders' as well. Where is my order?

26 December 2017

My oder hasn't arrived. They lost it during shipment on the ship. There is no solution.

26 August 2017

My order, which I ordered 8 months ago, hasn't arrived yet. I sent messages many times, they told that they were dealing with, but no one has informed me. What a shame.

25 August 2017

I ordered underwater lantern. However, battery charger and rechargeable batteries were missing.

25 August 2017


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