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Name: Allegiant Air, LLC
8360 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas
United States - 89113

Our flight was scheduled for a specific time and after an hour or two of waiting at the airport we were told that we would have to come back the next day. The people in charge gave us vouchers to any hotel with…

01 April

We were told by the Allegiant Travel Company that we would be able to secure some wheelchair assistance for my mother who is disabled. However, when we got there we were rudely told that there was no one availa…

14 March

It has been very difficult to reach out to the Allegiant Travel Company because they do not seem to entertain anything from their customers. I need solutions to the problems that were caused by these people and…

28 February

I regularly fly with Allegiant Airlines and it was just a little annoying that they do not even clean their planes well. I once found blood in the seat and all over the window and all the stewardess could do wa…

15 February

I have a really big problem with how Allegiant Travel Company treated my family member's travel plans. Her best friend passed away and we had to pay so much just to get her on the next flight to get her to her best friends funeral. When we go to the airport the staff di…

01 February

Allegiant Travel Company is a great company because we always get good deals with them and we sometimes find that they offer really competitive packages when it comes to the market that they cater to. However, I sometimes feel as if Allegiant Travel Company has really s…

19 January


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