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I had tried to get in touch with the customer service desk of Alliant Energy in the hopes of talking to a representative who could help me out with my concern. I was refused any answers to my questions because …

01 May

We have been very annoyed at Alliant Energy because it seems as if they are taking their sweet time in getting the power back to my home. When the power was shut off, we paid for our electricity bills almost im…

25 April

I have been so annoyed with Alliant Energy because they do not seem like they want to do anything about the billing mistakes that they made on my account. I was horribly surprised when I found out that my meter…

18 April

I am a radio enthusiast and I can consider myself pretty knowledgeable with physics of electricity. I have noticed that there is an electricity leak behind my residence. I have even gone out with a radio to det…

23 March

The electricity from Alliant Energy was just shut off and disconnected without prior notice to me. Apparently, I had overlooked paying my bills. I quickly got on the phone with them and paid my dues immediately…

12 March

Alliant Energy did not restore my power after I pleaded and pleaded with their customer service representative last time for them to help me out. I am annoyed because they do not seem to care about my plight at…

26 February

I am so annoyed at Alliant Energy due to the way that they charge their customers. I have already set up a billing method for all my bills and yet they do not seem to do anything with them. What they did was ru…

13 February

Alliant Energy should review how they treat their clients because I was hung up on by a customer service rep of theirs and the other one that I talked to was just plain obnoxious in my treatment. I found out th…

31 January

I pay my bills, and I do not know why I still received a disconnection notice despite the fact that I paid by the due date. When I asked to verify what really happened two reps reported two different things, on…

17 January


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