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If you are in the market looking for a good insurance company then I would not recommend the people over at Allstate because they are incredibly hard to deal with. I was given the runaround and I have received conflicting information from all ends making it so very diff…

17 May

I think Allstate might have a fraudulent agent that is misrepresenting them in many ways. This agent tells us that he will take our policies with him wherever he goes and he makes us sign up for things that drive our costs up in order for him to make a good cut of the c…

04 May

I had to be escorted out of the main road by the authorities because I would have to pay for a city towing fee that would not be covered by my insurance. I had initially thought that if you called up Allstate y…

27 April

I have been waiting for someone from Allstate to send an adjuster to check out the damage done to my vehicle by their client. There is no doubt that this was the fault of the Allstate, but still, I feel as if I have been refused the justice that I truly deserve. I mean …

16 April

We were so annoyed when suddenly the rates that we were paying for at Allstate just went up for no apparent reason whatsoever. We immediately phoned up the customer service desk of Allstate and asked them if th…

01 April

I have collected renumeration for problems from Allstate before without issues but this time the new insurance representatives that they have are giving me such a hassle when I tried filing for claims that I had. I just do not understand why they have to make it so hard…

14 March

I cannot believe that your own insurance agent can be so inconsiderate in dealing with your concerns. One of the insurance agents/representatives from Allstate was so annoying in the way that they dealt with a customer's request the other day. I cannot believe that this…

28 February

I am livid, frustrated and irritated at the agent that I have from Allstate due to this attempts to commit fraud on my policy. I really suggest that Allstate investigate this matter at the soonest because it is…

15 February

I am a paying client of Allstate and I expect them to respect the terms that were stipulated with our agreement. However, it has been so long since my home was flooded and Allstate still has not given us a check for any of the damages caused. According tot he company, t…

01 February

An Allstate client hit one of my cars that I used for educating new drivers and until now I have not really received anything concrete from Allstate with regard to the compensation that I am due. You have to realize that the damage is extensive and has put that particul…

19 January


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