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I have collected renumeration for problems from Allstate before without issues but this time the new insurance representatives that they have are giving me such a hassle when I tried filing for claims that I had. I just do not understand why they have to make it so hard…

14 March

I cannot believe that your own insurance agent can be so inconsiderate in dealing with your concerns. One of the insurance agents/representatives from Allstate was so annoying in the way that they dealt with a customer's request the other day. I cannot believe that this…

28 February

I am livid, frustrated and irritated at the agent that I have from Allstate due to this attempts to commit fraud on my policy. I really suggest that Allstate investigate this matter at the soonest because it is…

15 February

I am a paying client of Allstate and I expect them to respect the terms that were stipulated with our agreement. However, it has been so long since my home was flooded and Allstate still has not given us a check for any of the damages caused. According tot he company, t…

01 February

An Allstate client hit one of my cars that I used for educating new drivers and until now I have not really received anything concrete from Allstate with regard to the compensation that I am due. You have to realize that the damage is extensive and has put that particul…

19 January


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