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I purchased 6 dollar gift card from After that, I tried to buy 30 dollar gift card more, but the system did not accept my bank card, even if it is the same as I used in buying 6 dollars one. it said ''Payment revision needed'', So I tried to delete my card i…

17 May

I am no hater and I really like the service that provides, but I have been annoyed for about a month now because the item that I requested still has not been shipped to me at all and I feel as if the…

02 May

I do not know if something was wrong with the orders that I made with, but I was notified that my bulk order from their platform was just canceled out of the blue. This really annoyed me so much beca…

24 April

I did not like the last delivery of a package of an item that I had purchased from The item was damaged when I got it and I have been unable to use it. I want to replace this product because I am not going to spend time getting a return for this w…

14 April

I am so mad at right now because they did not give me the right amount of gravy. I ordered a bunch of gravy from them but for some odd reason they were unable to provide me with all the gravy that I …

21 March

I purchased b+w 77mm XS-Pro Clear with Multi-Resistant Nano Coating (007m) and b+w 77mm XS-Pro htc Kaesemann Circular Polarizer with Multi-Resistant Nano Coatingfrom the authenticity qr codes are no…

16 March

I usually purchase a lot of products from and I was really surprised to find that this particular product that I had my eye on did not have a tracking number because it was pending fulfilment or some…

08 March

I find it quite weird that does not really think about the time slots of their deliveries. We really do appreciate that they will refund you your money if they cannot deliver within three attempts bu…

23 February

I have a problem with's delivery service for the first time and they have been one of the most reliable people ever to deliver. Amazon did not inform me that they were not coming over to my house at …

12 February

I availed of one of the many special offers available on but when I got the product it turned out that it was really defective. I did try to get my money back but it was not working the way I thought it would work. refuses to refund me the money th…

29 January


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