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I cannot believe the experience that I had with the people over at American Airlines because I felt as if they did not even seem to care about my luggage. I had to cancel my flight and lose money because it too…

03 May

The seating policy of American Airlines irks me out so much because I feel as if they are against proper seating arrangements amongst family members. The last time I flew with his particular airline, my entire …

25 April

I had already gotten my mind set on a particular flight that would be complete uninterrupted. However, it turns out that later on during the day, American Airlines would cancel this particular flight for some reason or another and I would have to wait for about half a d…

18 April

We were all told in the airport that our American Airlines would be experiencing some delays in flying out, we were all calm. What was supposed to be less than half an hour lasted for almost an hour and a half.…

27 March

I had wanted to inquire about something in my hotel but I was passed from one point person to the next without being able to talk to someone who could actually make a difference in the situation that I was in. …

13 March

I do not think that is completely fair to charge a customer for an altered flight and trip that was planned months in advance. I do not want to lose money because of American Airlines and I think that they should reimburse me for my troubles with them. It does not seem …

27 February

I was really expecting that American Airlines would compensate me for rescheduling my flight and downgrading my flight to an in direct one. I thought it would be an easy process but I guess this was not the cas…

15 February

I bought first class tickets on American Airlines so that I would be able to get a little comfort on a flight that I was going to have with some people. This suddenly became such an annoying experience because they changed flight time. I originally gave them a morning t…

01 February

I recently purchased American Airlines tickets that were worth almost 15,000 miles for the two-way journey. Here's the funny bit, American Airlines charged me 40,000 points for the transaction, and I just found out a couple of months later. I immediately got on the phon…

18 January


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