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I had wanted to inquire about something in my hotel but I was passed from one point person to the next without being able to talk to someone who could actually make a difference in the situation that I was in. …

13 March

I do not think that is completely fair to charge a customer for an altered flight and trip that was planned months in advance. I do not want to lose money because of American Airlines and I think that they should reimburse me for my troubles with them. It does not seem …

27 February

I was really expecting that American Airlines would compensate me for rescheduling my flight and downgrading my flight to an in direct one. I thought it would be an easy process but I guess this was not the cas…

15 February

I bought first class tickets on American Airlines so that I would be able to get a little comfort on a flight that I was going to have with some people. This suddenly became such an annoying experience because they changed flight time. I originally gave them a morning t…

01 February

I recently purchased American Airlines tickets that were worth almost 15,000 miles for the two-way journey. Here's the funny bit, American Airlines charged me 40,000 points for the transaction, and I just found out a couple of months later. I immediately got on the phon…

18 January


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