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Name: American Automobile Association, Inc.
1000 Aaa Dr.
United States - 32746

I cannot believe the fees that I have been paying the American Automobile Association. They tried to increase my insurance payments to three times their current amounts and I did not like this at all so I decid…

07 April

I felt very insulted at the American Automobile Association when I had arrived to have something changed for my vehicle. I was being sold onto some package by the employees in the location, but I felt as if the…

16 March

I really felt like we were duly played around with American Automobile Association because they were not able to inform us in advance about the change in our trip details. What happened was they had changed out…

06 March

The person that the American Automobile Association sent over was just the worse as he intentionally smoked a cigarette with the windows rolled up after I called him out for it since I was pregnant at that time…

20 February

Our vehicle broke down as we were passing through Wyoming and this was the start of such a horrifying ordeal with the American Automobile Association, thanks to them we had such a hard time getting things done.…

07 February

American Automobile Association has officially destroyed my favorite vehicle and they need to compensate for this. However, I find that the representative from American Automobile Association who had towed my c…

25 January


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