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Name: AEO Management Co.
77 Hot Metal St
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I am annoyed at the service that we have all been receiving at American Eagle Outfitters lately because it seems as if service has gone down the drain and there has been favoritism amongst the staff members as …

31 March

I felt like I was not only disrespected but was also insulted by a manager from American Eagle Outfitters when I was trying to do an exchange of some clothing that I had purchased from them. Due to a previous e…

15 March

I cannot believe if the people over at American Eagle Outfitters have problems with their system or what because lately their charges have been irritating me. For some reason I was charged twice for a purchase …

01 March

I was so annoyed at the service that I had received from American Eagle Outfitters because they were so caught with their conversation at one point. I had only asked for assistance because I had a question that…

16 February

I do not understand how American Eagle Outfitters would listen to one person about how a line of bracelets were offensive because they reminded him of slavery. I do not even know if there is any basis to that e…

02 February

I have been wrongfully blamed and humiliated by the manager of this store. When I was about to exit, a police officer approached me and stopped to search me to check if I had really committed theft. After he di…

22 January


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