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I am a little more than annoyed at what I have been receiving from the American Red Cross. I was already previously approved, but for some odd, particular reason, they did not let me come in and get what I dese…

3 d

I was very annoyed when I had to deal with the American Red Cross yesterday because I felt as if I was not being helped at all. They denied me the assistance of four hundred dollars and they were unable to loca…

31 March

We are so mad at the American Red Cross because after we have been approved for the hurricane relief money, we have gotten nothing from them at all. They could not credit the money to my bank account so it was …

15 March

I cannot just begin to explain to you how annoyed I am at one of the techs that handled my donation at the American Red Cross the other day. She did not seem to be excited to do her job and the way that she was…

01 March

There was a blood drive being headed by the American Red Cross and I decided that it was time for me to be a good citizen of the world and donate some blood to this cause. The problem is that when I tried to do…

16 February

There is a driver that works with American Red Cross that lives near my residence and we just wanted to let you know that a lot of the kids are scared of him because of the way he is. However, the biggest probl…

02 February

Is there a way to get my number off of your call list or something? Because lately I have felt extremely harassed by your representatives. I have told you time and time again that I do not want to donate blood …

22 January


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