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I do not think that I will be buying anything from American Standard Online any longer because the water heater that I had purchased from them started leaking and showing signs of poor quality just a couple of …

31 March

I would really like to request a refund for the money that American Standard Online has taken from my account. I had accidentally paid for something on their website, so in my rush to fix things I just deleted …

15 March

I am absolutely livid that it has already been over a year since I availed of the services of American Standard Online and they still have not gotten me anything that can help me out in my search for the perfec…

01 March

I wanted help with finding a house that I could own soon so I looked at the service of American Standard Online. I feel like they are a scam because they did not seem to help me find the property that I was loo…

16 February

I recently got my bank account credited by American Standard Online and it's kind of weird because it's been six months since I signed up and they do this now. I decided to call customer service representatives, and that was not as productive as I would want because the…

02 February

Might there be an American Standard Online class action lawsuit or perhaps, at the very least, good reviews? Because this company totally had me fooled when I signed up and paid practically two hundred bucks fo…

22 January


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