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Name: Anytime Fitness, LLC
111 Weir Drive
United States - 55125

I do not feel comfortable working out at a particular location of anytime fitness because I feel as if after the shift of ownership, everything has changed for the worse. I do not know anybody anymore and the n…

28 March

I have been deciding to switch gyms for quite some time now and I do not know how to go about it. I went to Anytime Fitness because it was close to my place of residence and my workplace and I found this combin…

14 March

I am a little annoyed at the way the Anytime Fitness establishment is being run in my side of town because I do not think that it is reflective of the Anytime Fitness franchise at all. They do not turn on the a…

28 February

The Anytime Fitness I go to seems to be on a mission to save as much money as possible because they do not want to turn on their air conditioners at all. Since there are no windows in this particular gym, you e…

15 February

Anytime Fitness has been such a pain lately because as far as I know I already requested to have my membership cancelled. The thing is it has been almost half a year and my Anytime Fitness seems to still be active because I am still being charged by the gym. I tried cal…

01 February

Anytime Fitness has a serious problem with their staffing. I know the elevators have not been working and for an establishment to label itself as a 24 hour gig it needs to have staff manning the place at all hours. The reason this is so serious is because the elevators …

18 January


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