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I use iPhone 6s. My little 3-year-old kid bit edge of it and now its frame and screen broke. How come such a phone is broken by biting of a 3-year-old kid, I want my money back! In turkey phones are very expens…

12 May

We do not normally go to the Apple Store, but this time we had to because my wife needed the battery of her iPhone replaced. After about a month, the phone was ready and we were scheduled to pick it up at a cer…

08 May

I made a mistake and bought an Apple iPhone 8x. This machine has got a lot of problems and Apple doesn't take it back. They let me go to service and wait for a reply.

04 May

Iphone 7 Plus I plug in My 128 gb phone before going to bed at night. When I got up in the morning, ı noticed My phone did not open. I wrote from Apple support that the readers of one of the representatives of …

26 April

I received a continuous failure from the phone calls I received from the Iphone 6 user's phone exchange, and with the support of Apple, the phone's support and warranty ended, and every call to the phone starte…

14 April

I am dealing with an unsolvable problem about my iphone 5. I been using my phone for three years. Since then i was happy about it. But last day, my iphone suddenly shut down itself. When i tried to restart, my iphone stuck on apple logo. Couldn't figure out how to fix i…

15 March

I have sent my iphone Se device due to screen yellow lines problem But they offer me to replace the new iphone Se with 400 usd. I supposed it was a joke because the new iphone price is around that price. But they were serious and they told me due to some small dents, it…

12 March

I bought 3 months ago iPhone 8 Plus from Mediamarkt. I put the rituelle charger to the power outlet and it’s exploded! If you don’t like risk stay far away from iPhone!

10 March

Apple has an agreement with a firm called Lydia in Turkey And most of the people are suffering from this firm because of the bad service quality. They are not answering their phone, they are not delivering the …

07 March

I hit Apple account for recovery, but I did not pay for it, so I gave it 24 hours to start the account recovery process. Today, when I enter for account recovery, it gives 13 days waiting time. Apple found a great way to rob a customer. If you do not pay Apple, it will …

02 March


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