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We purchase The iPhone 6S 64 gb product 14 months ago. We sent to The service because of The malfunction on The screen. But We met with a great deception. The world brand Apple used our warranty for another product And changed it to another And used our guarantee. And a…

16 February

last month, ı bought iPhone X from America started to get crazy after the last update (11.2.5), attached the status photos regarding the bug. the Apple support team And authorized service providers have confirm…

13 February

I bought my iPhone 6 from apple Trabzon authorized service esc. Due to a Bluetooth problem, ı gave the esc phone, which is also an authorized service, 6 months before the 2 year warranty expires. In this proces…

06 February

the support numbers in the apple website is either wrong or does not answer. What must a customer do to find an authority to relate the issues? Burn tbe phone publicly on news and ask for trustworhty service?

06 February

i have 2 iphone x. Both of them stopping, freezing and unstable in programs. May apple solve the problems?

23 January

I bought iPhone 7 128 gb from Vodafone in izmir, turkey on october,2016 But I take a message about wrong ımeı code on november,2016. so my phone will close in 120 days. I called Apple support, 6 senior advisor …

18 January

We can not have hdmi cable for Apple tv 4K inTurkey. Apple store send it in 4-6 weeks. İt is too long time.

08 January

Trapzon KVK's service, which I delivered with the complaint of dead pixels and light leakage, is out of warranty because of the pinhole that only disrupts the cosmetics of the device, as shown in the picture, a…

26 December 2017

the Apple Iphone 5S phone I sent for warranty on September 13, 2017 is over 3 months old and still has not reached the end, and every few days the employee in the senior department calls and says "No improvement, please wait a bit longer. " It is a process that is over …

26 December 2017

after the warranty period of the iPhone 6S Plus device was over, the device started to shut down after a while, so I received support from Apple technical support 5 September 2017 100281480814 with the support …

26 December 2017


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