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Name: Aramark Uniform Services
7810 S 228th St
United States - 98032

I do not know if I am the only one who has noticed some of the things that Aramark Uniform Services has been doing behind my back. I have been having to deal with numerous price increases and things of the sort…

02 April

I am a motorcycle owner that really respects the rules of the road. This is especially given the fact that I am often abused on the road. The other day, I felt like my life was in absolute danger when a driver …

15 March

I felt like my life was in danger when I tried to drive behind an Aramark Uniform Services vehicle the other day with the way the driver was driving. It felt so reckless and I almost felt as if my life was cons…

01 March

I work with the Aramark Uniform Services and lately I have noticed a practice that does not seem right at all. One of the employees that works for Aramark Uniform Services leaves her shift early and get someone…

16 February

I usually get a terrible day and I know how it feels like even if you have to work, but the person behind the counter at the cafe Aramark Uniform Services was just having more than a bad day, she was kind of fl…

02 February

Aramark Uniform Services serves cold food, I know this because I have been a customer of theirs for so long and I have to deal with this. However, I recently had to deal a sauced up version of Alfredo pasta. It was literally swimming in sauce, there was more sauce than …

22 January


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