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2615 Highway 153 Bldg. B-3
South Carolina
United States - 29673

I made the biggest mistake ever by trying out the special offer that ArcLabs had with one of their products and I had thought it was a completely free trial. However, there were so many things attached to this …

28 March

I am so annoyed at the management of ArcLabs for the way their business model works, they try to lure you in with some kind of discounted trial only to use this as bait to get your credit card information. Once…

13 March

I have not ordered or purchased anything from ArcLabs, but yet they have the absolute nerve to charge me for large sums of money. I really cannot believe that they are doing this to my husbands account nonethel…

27 February

It really makes me so angry that companies like ArcLabs exist and all they want to do is take your money away from you. I ordered a pack of magic diet pills from them, just one pack, and they end up charging me…

15 February

For some reason after seeing the ad for ArcLabs I decided that I wanted to purchase their product but I did not know that everything was selected instead of just one product. I decided to try to erase the information that the site had about me so that it would not close…

31 January

I only signed up in order to try the free sample products of the line you are advertising as an extension of Victoria Bechkam's Brand, for some reason you have not stopped charging me and I have not received anything else from you. This kind of business practice is extr…

18 January


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