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I am so annoyed at the information that I have been getting from the folks over at At&t. I contacted their customer service department in the hopes of talking to one of their representatives so that I could have help in figuring how to activate a new phone into my accou…

04 May

I just absolutely abhor the fact that some companies often misrepresent themselves in the promotions that they have. We had recently gotten a flyer from At&t to get a bundle of television, phone, and internet services. However, we had specifically requested that the peo…

30 April

I reside in a particular location where the community in general allows their kids to play around outside. We can say that the place is absolutely family friendly and it's generally a great place to live. When I was taking a walk I stepped on one of the copper bits of A…

19 April

I have called At&t to inquire if I added a third line to my account how much that would cost me, they told me it would be free. So I called again because I wanted to make sure that they were truthful with this. The person on the other end said it was so. When we got to …

01 April

I cannot get any more frustrated with At&t with the way their customer service has been giving me answers because I feel as if they do not know what's going on. All I wanted to ask was the status of my order, a…

15 March

I tried to get my hands on the new Apple iPhone from At&t and I thought that it would be fulfilled at the soonest because I was so excited to get my hands on the latest technological advancement from the people over at Apple. However, the delivery date arrived and even …

01 March

I have such a massive headache trying to read the closed captions whenever I turn on my television because the guys over at At&t decide that it is great to put in so many overlays. These overlays obscure my vis…

16 February

I was told by an At&t customer service representative about this special offer that they have in partnership with a company for a phone. I was excited because of the service problems in my area and this could fix it. The phone took more than an entire whole month to arr…

02 February

I had a modem problem so I was told by AT&T reps to send it over. However, I was not informed that if it was over three years old I was not eligible for this. I wanted my modem back naturally so I tried to call AT&T to ask for assistance. During this time, in total, I h…

22 January


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