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I am absolutely furious at the payment system of ATT Uverse because they have not received the payment that I have provided them twice. Now this is showing up on my credit! How many times am I supposed to pay t…

4 d

I do not know what is taking ATT Uverse so long to fix our internet. It is so annoying, very, very annoying. All my child wanted for the holidays was to watch his show. That was his only wish and now we cannot …

27 February

I have a pretty long commute of about a good solid ninety minutes and I do not appreciate it if people from ATT Uverse waste all of that for no good reason. I was put on hold for an hour because I wanted to spe…

15 February

I had already made an arrangement with ATT Uverse to pay a particular amount before a given day but the company insisted on trying to charge my account for some other amount. I had a chat with one of ATT Uverse customer reps and they told me that my account has been sus…

01 February

I recently got a call from ATT for a new service that could help me with all my bills and give me a better rate on my current contract which would be absolutely fantastic. However, so many things transpired that would want me to rethink even keeping it. when I finally c…

18 January


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