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Name: AVAST Software Inc.
2625 Broadway St.
Redwood City
United States - 94063-1532

I have been trying my best to get rid of Avast Software because I did not want my subscription with them renewed. Since I could not access the function on their website I decided that the best thing to do was f…

4 d

I think I do not have any choice whatsoever but to accept what Avast Software has given me - which is a headache and a couple of defective products that I will not be able to use. After more than a month of usi…

01 March

I am a senior citizen that no longer owns a computer but yet Avast Software think it is alright to charge for a subscription that I had a long time ago. To make matters worse this particular subscription was so…

16 February

I am fuming because I know I already paid Avast Software with the last purchase/subscription that I made with them, but when I checked my credit card it turns out that there was another purchase there too. I di…

02 February

Avast Software does not know when to stop taking money from its former customers and their products are not even that great. A couple of years ago I cancelled my subscription for a product in the Avast Software line and the next year I found out they charged me again fo…

22 January


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