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Name: AVG Technologies
149 Bluxome St
San Francisco
United States - 94107-1507

I think we have been the victim of an unauthorized credit card charge. We noticed that AVG was paid for something when we had to check our financial transactions. However, we have never used AVG before so this is a really surprising turn of events from our end. We are h…

02 May

I think there has been some sort of occurrence of fraud in my PayPal account because I saw that AVG was paid off through my account. I did not like this one bit and I felt like this was such a hassle. I am hoping that AVG can help me find a resolution to this matter at …

23 April

I am very much annoyed with the accounting system over at AVG because I was charged multiple times for my product and service renewal, but for some reason, I have still not received the protection that I have paid for. I am still getting advertisements from AVG telling …

12 April

I have not been a customer of the AVG software company for at least two years but for some reason these guys have decided to charge me a large amount of money for a renewal. This is clearly a breach of my trust…

22 March

My wife and myself have been using AVG for quite some time now and we can say that we are fairly satisfied with the service that they have been providing us. I did not want to renew my subscription with them be…

09 March

I was very surprised that the AVG software that I had installed on my computer was not functioning after an auto update that it had recently. This was coupled with the fact that I had to keep installing and rei…

23 February

I bought some computer tune up software from the AVG software company and although it has worked perfectly in the past, it is now causing me so many problems. For instance, I cannot seem to open any email attachments any longer and I do not know who to talk to with rega…

12 February

Look I made no concession or authorization for AVG to deduct any amount of money from my PayPal account and I find it absolutely strange that they just took money out of my PayPal account with the authority of the owner. I would understand if I told AVG that it was okay…

30 January

AVG is utterly useless and misdiagnosing my device as virus free and yet they still took money out of my account for them to proceed with the continuation my subscription. They have been sending me emails saying that I should renew my service, but I've ignored them time…

11 January


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