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I don't know if it is only the Turkish branch but it is global but this company keeps charging and wrongfully suing people in Turkey. There is a legal proceeding before taking matters into court and without sending a message, a phone call or any legal document, they try…

16 February

It was my first order, the bottle was seen on the photos big, but I realised it's too small, when I received it. It looks like it would end after 2 use.

23 August 2017

I haven't bought a thing from Avon, but I learnt that I had an execution file about Avon through "E-Devlet". I learnt their contact information via internet and called them. I learnt that another person gave order using my name in 2016. I've never seen such a thing like…

23 August 2017

I had loan, which is worth 139 TL. I was student 6 months ago, and I couldn't afford it. I got notice of enforcement from Lawyer S** U** 1 months ago, which says that I had 205 TL loan. I was told that they would commence execution proceedings. I called them immediately…

23 August 2017

Avon inflict Collecturk upon us for collection of former loans. I hope Avon accept their mistake and give up about this action. If we had a loan, Avon should get in contact with us. If I pay my loan to Collectu…

21 August 2017

I paid my enforcement debt, which is worth 1250 TL, through Elazig Akpinar PTT branch with 20**531 numbered receipt. My customer number is 20**98. I sent the receipt to the lawyer, but she didn't call me and I couldn't call her either. They still send messages which is …

21 August 2017

I bought stick eyeshadow from Avon but it made allergy on my eye and my eyelid has swollen. You are playing with human health. I will take an doctor report and I will complain about you.

31 July 2017

I made shopping from Avon in this month, my delivery hasn't arrived yet and sent to Gaziantep instead of Istanbul Sile. I told that there was system fault about destination but they told that they couldn't do about this issue. They conveyed my address change but nothing…

31 July 2017

Avon cream made acne on my face. You produce poor quality products and this is your problem!

26 July 2017

I attached photo of the package. You are doing the same thing for 2 or 3 months. How can I give this to my customer? Who accepts this packag…

25 July 2017


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