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New York
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I have been such a loyal customer of Avon.com and for some reason, they have decided to impose late charges on me for just being one day late to my payments. I have so many expenses and I am sorry if Avon.com i…

17 April

I had initially thought that my order from Avon.com would be coming in at its regular dates because as per my usual routine I had called them up to be able to get my orders down earlier. However, it seems as if the person that was taking down my orders did not record an…

29 March

I do not like it when people who are assigned to customer service positions have absolutely no regard for serving the customer right. There is particular Avon.com representative that has been harassing people a…

14 March

I think that Avon.com should pay attention to what it display on its website because they have been giving us false hope for so long. Almost all the products that I would have wanted to purchase are out of stoc…

28 February

I do not want to purchase anything from Avon.com not because of their products, but because of their deliveries are handled. I know that their drivers are not patient with the people that they deliver to. When …

15 February

I find that Avon.com is not a company that I can depend on to get my deliveries brought to me at the date that they stipulate. They told me that I had to go out and pay for the products that I ordered but when I did I did not as so much receive an SMS notification from …

01 February

I am a regular citizen being undoubtedly harassed by Avon. They keep me sending me correspondence with regard to money that I owe. If memory serves me well I have not purchased or signed up for anything on Avon. I have tried to contact them and ask where all these charg…

19 January


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