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Do not believe any form of correspondence you might possibly get from Award Notification Commission [ANC] because it seems to be all bogus and they will not be awarding you any money. They told me that I had wo…

31 March

I do not appreciate the marketing efforts of the Award Notification Commission because it really comes off as deceptive to a lot of people. Just like hundreds of people across the country, I had received a pack…

15 March

I received a notification from the Award Notification Commission [ANC] the other day stating that I had won a large amount of money from some sort of selection process and I have been wondering if this is a sca…

01 March

I have had it with these people who make it seem like you won millions of dollars from organizations because these things are not true and are a complete waste of time. Recently, I got mail from Award Notificat…

16 February

I just want to tell the Award Notification Commission [ANC]  that there has been this person who has been sending my daughter and I letters about money that I supposed to have won. I want this guy to stop with …

02 February

I was told that I won more than million dollars and all I needed to do was send money. They also told me that there were multiple ways for me to get the money. However, upon doing some research, I found out tha…

22 January


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