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I was going to Azerbaijan from Turkey, flight tickets were expensive despite their president Mr. Ilham Aliyev told that ticket prices would become cheaper and they would take fee for baggage. Your flight ticket…

31 July 2017

I was going to Izmir from Baku on July 26, 2017. However, I've missed my flight because of misinformation.

31 July 2017

I've bought a ticket from Azal Airlines and the price was 874 TL. I was checking my accounts and saw that 892 TL was withdrawn from my account. Both 2 companies don't take the blame on them. My problem hasn't solved yet. I will sue you.

19 June 2017

I flight to Baku from Istanbul with J28076 flight on January 23, 2017 and my luggage became unusable. When I received my luggage from Dubai, I saw that it was broken. I've reported to the Dubai luggage service.…

01 February 2017

I bought a flight ticket for August 7 at midday. I've made my reservation on September 19, 2016. However, they've canceled my ticket without my knowledge and they arranged a new ticket for August 7 night. The person that sold ticket to me was on holiday, so I should wai…

17 August 2016

First of all, I should say that Azerbaijan officers are doing their job very seriously. However, if salesperson doesn't like the shape of your cabin luggage, s/he doesn't accept your luggage not matter what. Also polices does this thing too. They made us to pay shipping…

04 August 2016

I prefer Azal Airlines all the time for my Istanbul - Baku flights. However, they increased the ticked prices gradually. I had to use Turkish Airlines for once. They reduced the prices with command of president. You buy cheap ticket now (450 TL) but luggage and food ser…

01 July 2016


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