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Name: Customers Bank
115 Munson Street
New Haven
United States - 06511

My check from my company was deposited into the wrong account and Bank Mobile Vibe knows that it is in their account, but they are refusing to revert this particular transaction. I find this to be highly despic…

20 March

Do not sign up with the people over at Bank Mobile Vibe because you will just have to deal with the worst service imaginable from their end. They do not seem to care about you at all and they do not seem to even want to entertain you! I lost my card and had my balance e…

08 March

I have been having so many problems with Bank Mobile Vibe because of a name change issue that they still have not been able to resolve for me. I am annoyed because they do not seem to care abut their clients re…

22 February

Look I have been a customer of Bank Mobile Vibe and I still do not understand why I choose to stay with them. i find their service to be really terrible and I feel as if they do not care about their customers a…

09 February

Bank Mobile Vibe has led me to believe that having an account with their bank would be free and probably help me handle my student loans. This is the exact opposite of what Bank Mobile Vibe offers its clients. They also keep making mistakes on my check even though every…

29 January


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