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Name: Bank of America Corporation
100 N Tryon St.
North Carolina
United States - 28255-0001

For some reason Bank of America Corporation has closed down so many locations in our area that it now takes me at least three hours to get to any of their locations. This has made it really hard for me to bank …

15 March

In Bank of America Corporation's defense they did try to notify me that my credit card would be cancelled because inactivity, but I did not think they would also refuse to reopen the credit card account. They h…

01 March

If you want good customer service representatives on the phone, do not bank with Bank of America Corporation. It seems as if their reps are not trained to even talk to their clients over the phone, they do not …

16 February

I do not understand how Bank of America Corporation functions but they do not update your checking account as often as before for transactions made by a debit card. Now you are forced to wait till the end of th…

02 February

I feel extremely violated by what happened at a branch of Bank of America Corporation recently and I feel like I should get some form of compensation because I am terrified for my safety. A teller in the bank w…

22 January


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