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Name: BeachBody LLC
3301 Exposition Blvd. 3rd
Santa Monica
United States - FL90404

I have been a customer of beach body for over a decade and every time I try to get a refund from the for a program or a subscription I always end up getting a refund that is not full or they end up quoting me f…

04 April

I think that the marketing team that handles the sales of BeachBody utilizes deceptive techniques in order to get you to purchase from them. Lately, I was enticed to join their program on the premise that I was…

15 March

First and foremost, I have been a customer of BeachBody for so long that I really understand how they work and more often than not I am completely puzzled at the way they choose to do things. BeachBody should b…

01 March

I am so annoyed at BeachBody because they seem to want to keep taking money from me even though I had already cancelled my account with them. I found them still trying to charge my account so I had to talk to a…

16 February

I wanted to make a purchase of a BeachBody product but there were so many things going wrong with the order. I was not able to get a confirmation on it even though I had an order number, this was where I was prompted to call a customer agent. They suggested that I take …

06 February

My BeachBody cannot be delayed for some reason and it was a good thing that my order went to my old address where someone could receive it. I could not find an option to delay on the mobile site that BeachBody maintains. This was a very annoying experience for me. To ad…

22 January


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