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I do not know what's wrong with the way I was charged by the folks over at Best Western, but I felt like I was overcharged to a certain degree because they were charging me twice for the price of a travel card.…

24 May

We were a little more than annoyed because the surrounding noise pollution from the ongoing construction that we could hear in our room at Best Western was debilitating. To make matters worse, we had money stolen from my wife's wallet. The safe was working fine for a co…

28 April

I have found bed bugs in my bed when I stayed at Best Western hotels, but it seems as if the hotel manager could not care any less This is an infestation that has to be dealt with promptly by a pest control com…

22 April

I had to stay at a Best Western because I was traveling and I must say it was not the best experience I have ever had at a hotel. I found that the bed sheets were not changed between the guests that were stayin…

13 April

Harassment is not a matter that any human being should take lightly and I just want to inform everyone that someone in a Best Western location harassed me and I did not like it one bit. I do not think that anyb…

19 March

My family and I had to check into a Best Western and they had informed us that a long time resident of the room had just checked out so they needed awhile to get things in order. What really annoyed us was that…

06 March

I am accustomed to a certain level of hospitality when i conduct my business trips and I was surprised to find that the Best Western Hotel that I stayed at was not able to deliver any of these basic necessities…

21 February

I have waited for so long for Best Western to return the deposit that I made for the hotel room that I had already paid for. Here's the thing, I checked out and paid for my room fee and everything else and I was expecting to get my security deposit back which I did not …

08 February

Best Western kindly take a look the bug problem that you have because the last time we stayed at one of your hotels we were very surprised at the amount of bus that were crawling about. In fact, my own daughter was bit by one of these bugs. There were a lot of these tin…

25 January


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