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I think that if you deal with customers all the time you also have to learn to provide adequate customer service that does everything to make sure that the customer is being taken care of. I think that the people over at Big Lots need to revise their customer service ma…

12 May

I wonder what is wrong with Big Lots and the way they rotate their stocks because they have been selling expired products for so long and nobody even seems to notice. I spend a lot of money with these guys and …

01 May

I am very annoyed at the way Big Lots employees manage their time, because it has already been stipulated on their store that they close at exactly 9 pm. So if it is two minutes before that time and not that ti…

25 April

All my kids wanted to do was to ride their bikes over to Big Lots in order to get some stationery supplies. However, the manager was so rude to them that they were unable t get anything on that day. It turns ou…

18 April

I did not like how the employees at Big Lots just followed my wife and I around while we were shopping as I have worked security before and I knew what they were doing. We are not shoplifters nor did we plan on not paying for the goods that we have gotten from them. Sec…

22 March

I was a little annoyed when I tried to check out at Big Lots because I was talking to the cashier about something with regard to my purchase and the manager kept cutting me off. It annoyed me because he wanted to ask about something too and he could not wait because he …

12 March

My darling wife just wanted a Winter Wonder Lane Funny Face Animated Elf and she had called in advance to check if Big Lots had it in stock. The representative who answered the call assured her that they had it…

26 February

I am so annoyed at how the customer service of Big Lots is treating my request and they have annoyed me to no end. First, of all, why do they need to give me three different dates? Every time they fail to deliv…

12 February

I was just standing in line at Big Lots waiting for my turn when I overheard a manager ask the cashier if she needed any help. She said no, even though it was a really long line and she did not seem to mind it at all. Now when it got to my turn I noticed that she was ch…

30 January

I tried being some furniture one time and the manager told me that the item was unavailable but he'd just put it on price hold. He had to cancel the sale because I was paying in full and after that he was able to punch the sale. The problem is he never told me when I wo…

15 January


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