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Hi Bitafex is not honoring any withdrawals requests. I have made several that I cancelled and try with smaller amounts. They are still not being honored after multiple days. ı have requested 110 000 or so eca t…

26 January

Guys, ı send 400$ worth of ltc and tried to withdraw it and not being allowed to withdraw my cash without The verification is ridiculous. The most Scamming site so far, ı wish I read more about it before doing any business with this exchange site. Some more info on thes…

24 January

Bitafex why cant I get in touch with you on your site? I keep thinking its a scam, deposit my cash and its all great yet when I need to withdraw OR mail you I need to do the SMS thing which you'e not sending me…

17 January

I purchased ECA on bitafex. I trusted it was a decent site. In any case, they dont let you withdraw. I changed eca for ltc trusting that I could withdraw ltc. But, noo. They are a scam !!

17 January


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