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I set up with Bitflyer and been trading like normal with no issues. I made a good profit and removed my funds at the right time to move my BC out to an external account. Bitflyer without any warning or notice froze the payment. I sent many e mails to no avail. You cant …

18 January

I check through their really obtuse setup process (that goes against everything bitcoin is about but whatever) and I bought 50,000yen each of BTC and ETH with a credit card, where they assured the fees were FREE. As I went back to my account I saw immediately that I had…

18 January

I'd maintain my distance from these platform, in any event their US platform. I set up account over seven days prior and after that supported by means of wire six days back. The assets have STILL NOT hit my rec…

18 January

I transferred funds to this broker almost 3 weeks ago. bitFlyer says they can't tell if they received the money or not. My bank confirmed it has been deposited in their account. The customer service is horrible, and the issue is still unresolved. If they can't manage si…

17 January


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