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Blablacar does not check users and passengers. They have still unappropriate user profiles. One of the user who I made reservation with him gathered all the passengers at different places and went off without p…

02 August 2017

I live Germany and when I came to Turkey, I downloaded the application. Because it comes with Turkish interface and language settings, I dealed with it for 5 hours to no missing a posting in Germany. When I use it with Turkish interface, I cannot see any posting from Ge…

13 June 2017

After I reserved a seat in BlaBlaCar, the driver cancelled the trip but did not cancel my reservation. When I do this, BlaBlaCar charges half of price from me. But, the driver should cancel it. It charges price…

06 March 2017

BlaBlaCar do not supervise reactions of users to reservations.

20 February 2017

I made a posting on BlaBlaCar for my Bursa - Antalya. One female user sent me a message and asked me that is there any possibility come over by Eskisehir. I did not accept because of it is out of my route. One day after, she contacted with my co-partner and convinced me…

08 February 2017

I frequently use BlaBlacar actively as passenger and driver (mostly). But, there are some very rude and unrespectful users in the system. For example, when I make a posting from Ankara to Istanbul, I get some messages as "Can you pick me up from Bartin" and it means tha…

12 December 2016

I use this system for 2 years BlaBlaCar blocked me with an excuse. The reason of blocking, I give bad points to punish users. But, I do not have even a bad score and scored in low points users who deceived me or talked in very rude way. BlaBlaCar is victimizing me and n…

28 September 2016

I made a reservation from Polatli to Gebze. The driver confirmed it first, but then he agreed with other people. I did this reservation 4 days ago, and on the departure time he said this. Because of overbooking on holiday time, I could not find tickets to go and all my …

20 September 2016

I use BlaBlaCar since 2 years. But, BlaBlaCar blocked me because of one bad score and comment. They did not give any reason. Till now, I did many trips and have very high scores. I did not think that BlaBlaCar is not fair.

11 July 2016

I waited two drivers for two days. First one is removed his announcement, probably he was looking for a woman passenger. Second one did not answer for long time. Then he found an excuse that all seats are taken but they seem as available. I hesitated to try using and it…

17 June 2016


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